If I call you a “Dickhead” it’s a compliment…

Actual PKD Android Head

…and to prove it I wrote a short story dedicated to all the “Dickheads” out there, with whom I humbly count myself a member.

This story is relatable to regular readers as well, but fans of Philip K. Dick will find quite a number of Easter eggs:  Philip The Android meets The Dark Haired Girl.

The story itself is inspired in part by real events. Because of Dick’s fascination with the animatronics in Disneyland, a lot of characters in his novels were androids or replicants. This has in turn inspired more than one project where a company attempts to build an AI powered android in Dick’s likeness, using his voice and quotations in the AI’s dialog.

One of these androids disappeared on a plane flight. It’s not like it got up and walked off the plane — but when the reports first came out that was my impression. I never forgot how excited and happy I was to think a Philip K. Dick android had wandered off an airplane while his handlers were sleeping. So in this story, it turns out that Philip K. Dick androids have a bad habit of doing just that … wandering off … and this is the story of one of them.

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