Open Letter to Hachette CEO, Michael Pietsch

Hi Michael,

As one of your authors, I beseech you to stop this silly feud with Amazon, let go the past, and move toward the future.

Yes, Amazon urged me to write to you about this, but I’m doing it because I agree with them. Holding onto outdated business models by force is … well, completely backwards and ultimately a doomed path. Illegal collusion is not the answer. Resisting the movement to ebooks is not the answer.

Embracing change and surging forward to not only join the flow, but to lead the pack, is the answer.

As a one of your authors who has also released his ebooks independently on Amazon, I have made FAR more sales on my own than with your publishing group. Far more sales, and far more income. My independant books sell for a mere $2.99 and it’s pretty much all profit. The ebook version of my title with your publishing group sells for over $10, and the only reason anyone is buying it, is that they’ve read my other books, my $2.99 ones, and like them so much they then buy the comparatively overpriced, and less-well-received “non-independent” Hachette book.

I have not seen a penny from my book with you in years, by the way, even though I KNOW it’s selling.

But that’s beside the point. Lowering ebook prices will help, not hurt, the reading culture, just like paperback books did back in the day. Embrace that. Move forward with it. Lead the market, don’t stifle it.

And for godsake stop using your authors as leverage and accept one of Amazon’s offers to take them out of the middle.

Sincerely Yours,

Jerry J. Davis
Author of “Travels”
ISBN: 0759550247

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