Eleven Days on Earth (A Novel) – It’s the end of the world. Do you know where your beer is?

Travels (A Novel) – You think TV is bad now?  In this future, it will eat your brain.  Published by Grand Central Publishing.  Available at all major booksellers.

It Came From Willy McCracken’s Buttocks – Featured in the anthologies Houston, We’ve Got Bubbas (published 2007 by Yard Dog Press) as well as The Best of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse (published 2008 by Benbella Books).

God, Time, Perception & Sexy Androids – An anthology of short stories, including most of the ones listed below, (and then some).

Wall Of Delusion – In print only, published in the Spring 2006 edition of Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest.

Resurrection of Broken Dreams – You can live, you can dream … you can live your dream!  Published in Neometropolis 0×03.

Island – No man is an island, but each of us has one, somewhere.  Published in Winter 2004 edition of Mytholog.

Stephanie’s Echo – Even now, if you listen closely, you can hear it.  Published in Writer’s Stories.

The Moon At Noon – Caution:  Safety Can Cause Insanity.  And sometimes head trauma.  Originally published in Scifantastic.

The Good Life – Talent is not always rewarded, and sweet is not always so sweet.  Originally published in Scifantastic.

The Penalties of Pirating – In the future, when you pirate a program, watch out for the copy protection.  Originally published in Aboriginal Science Fiction.

Justification – Dale Bently must justify his life in 500 words or less, or die.  Originally published in Aboriginal Science Fiction.

Strong Metallic Arm – In the future there’s life after death for everyone … unless someone steals it from you.  Originally published in Boundaries of Sanity.

A Long, Curved Blade – An expedition is sent to discover the fate of the colony at Droxford 2.  Originally published in Leopard’s Realm Magazine.

Voodoo Computer Healer – Discover the awesome power of positive thinking … just be careful what you do with it.  Originally published in Zone 9 Magazine.

Temperature Extremes – The very first story I had published, back when they called “flash” fiction “short-shorts.”  This is very short.  Originally published in Channel X.