My Tribute to the Late, Great Philip K. Dick

Phil the Android meets the Dark Haired Girl

If you are into reading Philip K. Dick stories, this is for you. (Click the link.)

Updated Short Story Collection

Not only does this have a new cover, and not only is it now available in paperback, but it has two new stories in it as well.


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If I call you a “Dickhead” it’s a compliment…

Actual PKD Android Head

…and to prove it I wrote a short story dedicated to all the “Dickheads” out there, with whom I humbly count myself a member.

This story is relatable to regular readers as well, but fans of Philip K. Dick will find quite a number of Easter eggs:  Philip The Android meets The Dark Haired Girl.

The story itself is inspired in part by real events. Because of Dick’s fascination with the animatronics in Disneyland, a lot of characters in his novels were androids or replicants. This has in turn inspired more than one project where a company attempts to build an AI powered android in Dick’s likeness, using his voice and quotations in the AI’s dialog.

One of these androids disappeared on a plane flight. It’s not like it got up and walked off the plane — but when the reports first came out that was my impression. I never forgot how excited and happy I was to think a Philip K. Dick android had wandered off an airplane while his handlers were sleeping. So in this story, it turns out that Philip K. Dick androids have a bad habit of doing just that … wandering off … and this is the story of one of them.