All You See is Light

After a tragic plane crash claims his parents, seventeen-year-old Tom Harrison finds himself adrift in the chaotic life of his unconventional aunt and uncle in the coastal enclave of Cameron Cove. Here, amid the surf and sand, he confronts a new reality of bullies, orgies, forbidden erotic temptations, and a mysterious woman whose ethereal beauty is as haunting as the ocean.

But this woman, with her odd mix of sweet innocence and shocking clairvoyance, harbors secrets of her own. Amnesia has swept away her past, leaving only fleeting shadows and questions.

All You See is Light invites readers on a poetic mix of magical realism and poignant coming-of-age narrative. This novel masterfully intertwines human emotions and the arcane, crafting a story for anyone who believes in the subtle magic that lies beneath the veneer of everyday existence.