What if you inherited a starship that could take you anywhere in the galaxy? Where would you go?

What if there were thousands of copies of yourself spread across the galaxy? What would you see?

What if the archetypical gods walked this Earth and there was an object that could destroy everything, even them? And you were destined to find that object … in this case, a typewriter?

Spoiler: there are mermaids in this novel. The problem is, everyone keeps telling you they’re seals.

A strangely clairvoyant woman is combing the beaches of Cameron Cove, and despite her ethereal beauty, the locals think she’s a devil worshiper. But teenager Tom Harrison suspects otherwise … he’s convinced she’s an actual angel.

What if someone came back from the afterlife just to have a beer, and it throws the whole world out of balance?

What if you were born a cat, but had to grow up as a human?

What if someone tampered with the fundamental laws of physics and broke the Universe? And the only way to fix it is to go back to the beginning of time itself?

Travels (a novel)

What if the antichrist turned out to be an artificial intelligence program?

True stories from the author’s own unusual life, including (but not limited to) treasure hunting, encounters with giant sea creatures, and an entire bucket of toads.

What if you woke up and discovered you had a halo? What if you created a time machine and received an unexpected visitor from the future? What if junk food is an alien plot to subdue humanity? This and more are in this anthology of 29 tales of weirdness and wonder.