God, Time, Perception & Sexy Androids

God, Time, Perception, and Sexy Androids

A gang who steals sexbots and pimps them out for beer and pizza money inadvertently abscond with the ultimate stealth bomb.

A dead woman finds herself in a race against time to save her new young body from being stolen by her murderous husband — who wants to turn it into his mindless slave.

A normal Joe’s life is turned upside down when a angel’s halo mysteriously appears above his head.

These are among 29 wonderfully weird and thought provoking stories included in God, Time, Perception, and Sexy Androids.

You also get to meet an assassin obsessed with the afterlife, the time-kidnapped Sumerian potter who invented the wheel, and a very special girl who is rushing to find love during the final few hours of life on Earth.