Typewriter Repairman!

It’s 1982 and Renaldo has no interest in those newfangled “personal” computers. They’re just a fad, they’ll go away soon. In fact, the sooner the better, because they’re killing his typewriter repair business. No one wants to get their machines repaired anymore — they’re all being replaced by these stupid new IBM PCs.

In order to keep his business afloat, he has to accept a side job. Unfortunately, that job comes with strings … to the mob.

And then there’s Yvonne Fong, the pistol-packing, fearless photojournalist who’s caught his eye. Does he have even the slightest chance with her? Probably not, but he’s going to try anyway.

If that wasn’t enough, his creepy landlord keeps going on about some “prophesy” that Ren will come into possession of a special typewriter. But what’s special about it? Is it magic? Does it grant wishes? Does it tell the future? He thinks it’s all ridiculous nonsense.

That is until he finds out it is in fact very real, and it leads him into some very real trouble.