They’re good cookies, though. Yummy even. They’re not the poison kind and they’re never used nefariously to track any personal information. You can opt out, too, that’s okay. The only reason any of them are used is so I, Jerry J. Davis, can check to see if I have people who visit my site more than once. And to tell the truth, I barely even pay attention.


The only personal data I end up with is what you give me, and that is only for use on this website so that it recognizes you when you come back — for your convenience. Also if you give me your name and email address in order to be notified that there’s new content on this site, or to send you a newsletter that you asked the receive, that is the only thing I’ll use it for, and I never share it with anyone.


If at some point you provide financial data in order to pay for a book, I never see it, as it goes directly from you to the payment processing service (like Stripe or PayPal). No personal or financial data is ever stored on this website, ever.