New Books Coming!

One thing I accomplished in 2023 was finishing the first drafts of two new novels and then extensive rewrites of one of them. That one may or may not be out before the end of the year.

“All Things Strange and Dangerous” is the interstellar odyssey of Desmond Clews, poet son of the legendary space explorer and rumored pirate, Rumlan Clews. Inheriting his father’s legacy, Desmond grapples with his identity on his home planet of Monet, where he’s renowned as a prominent figure in the “Dreadful Poet Society.” This unique literary circle eschews competition with the AI literary grandmasters and instead concentrates on perfecting mediocrity.

Trapped in an opportunistic marriage rooted more in wealth than affection, Desmond is disenchanted. His familial ties further distress him as his aunt and cousin, co-heirs to Rumlan’s legacy, contemplate selling the famed explorer’s starship to augment their fortune and consolidate their vast real estate holdings.

Disinterested in the lure of riches and real estate, Desmond dreads his impending nuptials and the loss of his father’s starship. A pivotal turn occurs when his godfather bequeaths him Sarkaleĝo, his father’s AI attorney.

This smart and somewhat dodgy lawyer reveals a path for Desmond to escape his predicament, albeit fraught with legal ambiguities and the daunting prospect of navigating the perilous, uncharted expanses of the galaxy.

Embracing this gamble, Desmond defies his family and takes off in his father’s starship, deciding to follow in his father’s infamous footsteps. However, this proves far less glamorous and way more complicated and dangerous than he’d ever imagined, as this odyssey leads to dealing with ruthless smugglers, android assassins, deadly alien creatures, and most unexpectedly, love.

So yeah, that should be out either by the end of December 2023, or at least in early 2024.

The second book coming out in 2024, “She Comes in Colors,” centers on Iris, the goddess of rainbows and messenger of the supreme God almighty, who pulls Iris out of retirement to undertake a crucial mission: force Gaia, the goddess of nature, to uphold her life-sustaining vows. However, Iris faces an unexpected challenge, as Gaia, driven to madness by human actions, plans a catastrophic self-destruction.

To navigate this unfamiliar modern world, Iris enlists a human champion after discovering he’s been sent on basically the same mission — though he has no idea of the supernatural depths he’s about to fall into.

He thinks he’s searching for a terrorist, not Mother Nature herself. So, yes, he’s in way over his head.

There is the possibility that there also may be another book in 2024, but we’ll see. I have a sequel to No Such Thing as Mermaids started, but I’m not sure if it will be done next year. I have all the research done, the settings noted, and the cast of characters set, but I have restarted the beginning three times now. Before I can continue, I have to find the one that feels like the story I want to tell.

Alright, that’s what’s new! Two books are on the way, maybe even a third. I can’t wait for you guys to read them. Thanks for riding along with me on this wild writing journey. And let me know if you’d like to see some new short stories … I’ve been thinking of writing some of those in 2024, too.

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