So what’s new? A lot.

Some of you who may read my articles on Medium (or are friends with me on social media) probably know I just underwent major surgery to remove cancer. I’m still recovering, and on top of that, I came down with pneumonia, also from which I’m still recovering. The pneumonia was probably a complication of being under anesthesia.

I’m okay, though. Just have to heal and do my physical therapy. It hasn’t stopped me from writing. I have almost completed the first draft of a new science fiction novel and have a new magical realism novel planned after that.

For anyone who’s signed up for my newsletter, it’s … well. Broken. When I moved it to Substack, it was just supposed to be a newsletter service with a few extra features, but since then Substack has tried to become another entire … thing. And I’m not happy with it. To make matters worse, the domain name I use for the newsletter was migrated to another platform, which broke all the settings, so I can’t even get to it now.

Needless to say, even if I can fix that mess I’m going to end up going in a different direction. I mean, really, why is a “newsletter” better than subscribing to my website news feed and getting updates via email? I’ve been told that it’s better but I just don’t see why. To me it’s the same thing, but without having to depend on yet another service.

In a world that’s getting ever more complicated, I just want to simply. What better mantra for this chaotic day and age? Say it with me now:




I don’t know about you, but I feel better already.

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