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What does life, death, serendipity, synchronicity, and beer have in common? A guy named Jon August, who has to deal with all of it in his search for The Holy Beer.

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After the tragic loss of his parents in a plane crash, seventeen year old Thomas Harrison has gone to live with his strange aunt and uncle in a weird little California seacoast town. Here he meets a woman who some say is magical, some say is a demon, and some … including Tom … suspect is an actual angel from above. The truth, however, may turn out to be far more strange than anyone could ever imagine.

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Wellington’s doctor thinks he’s either an alien or an escaped experiment from a secret genetics lab. He can talk to animals and see in the dark. Best of all, he’s got long, sharp claws. But even Wellington doesn’t really know what he is … a human, or a cat? Or a unique combination of both?

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My collection of short stories, some previously published and some brand new.  Instead of trying to describe it, let me just quote a review: “The stories are so original and the themes so completely different its hard to believe that a single author wrote all of them. I’ve purchased “years best” collections of science fiction that weren’t as good; this blew most of those collections away.”

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My first published novel, this one is about poor Dodd Corely, a forklift driver living in the strange future just over the horizon. All he wants is a normal life, but what he finds himself involved in is the fall of civilization as he knows it.

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